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Monday 5 August 2013

Sunken boat closes Huddersfield Narrow

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal is currently closed between Stalybridge and Mossley after a boat sunk in Lock 9w near Millbrook.

The lock is expected to be out of action today and tomorrow until the the boat can be re-floated. Boaters navigating the canal should moor above Lock 6w or below Lock 15w until the canal has re-opened.

Lock 9w was the scene of a dramatic boat sinking two years ago.

Update Monday 5th August:
Work to re-float the vessel was under way late this afternoon. The Canal and River Trust will check the lock and expect to re-open it tomorrow morning (Tuesday).

A photo of the boat upended in the lock can be seen here.

Lock 9w, Huddersfield Narrow Canal


  1. I am not aware of the circumstances surrounding the incident yesterday, but surely it is now time for British waterways to take on responsibility and listen to some of the major issues that were highlighted two years ago when my own vessel sunk, if you wish to forward my details on to the owners of the boat please feel free. Regards John Lund

  2. Here is little bit con-just narrow Canal and I think it will be dangerous at all be careful about it.


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