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Sunday 1 September 2013

Rochdale Nine stoppage

The "Rochdale Nine" locks in Manchester have been closed after one of the locks was damaged by a boat.

A boat has struck the tail gates of Lock 89 of the Rochdale Canal (Tib Lock) so hard that the gates are out of alignment with the result that the lock is not navigable.

The Canal and River Trust will be inspecting the damage and will issue an update when it is known how long the stoppage will last.

This stoppage will affect boaters navigating the Cheshire Ring.

Enquiries about this stoppage should be made by phoning 0303 0404040.

Update Wednesday 4th September:
The gate has been repaired and the navigation has now re-opened.

Lock 89 of the Rochdale Canal

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  1. Very annoyed! Stuck at Castlefield Quay and wanted to go up the 9 and then onto the rest of the Rochdale. It has put a big dent in my plans. I was speaking to another boater who told me it was a boat full of drunken lads! Once again they spoil it for everyone! Shame....Kevin nB Pippin.


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