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Thursday 5 September 2013

Wigan and Johnsons Hillock Lock Restrictions

Wigan and Johnsons Hillock lock flights on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal will be subject to restricted opening times for the next three days.

Because of the current stoppage at Blackburn to repair a lock cill, not enough water is continuing down the canal, resulting in low eater levels. The lock flights at Wigan and Johnsons Hillock will be open only between 10.00 am and 2.00 pm until Sunday.

The top and bottom locks on these flights will be kept locked outside these hours. This is to protect and replenish water supply in these areas.

These restrictions will be in place until Sunday 8th September, when the Blackburn Flight will be re-opened to navigation.

The Canal and River Trust will have additional staff on hand on Sunday to ensure water is fed efficiently to the rest of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal.

Any enquiries about these restrictions should be made to 03030 404040.

Update Friday 6th September:
Important: The Canal and River Trust has now clarified the information about these restrictions. They ask that boaters wanting to travel on one these flights aim to enter the flight at 10.00am. Following the entry of all waiting craft, C&RT staff will ensure that no more boats enter the flights. This means that it will not be possible to do both flights in the same day. C&RT staff are aiming to clear and lock the flights by 2.00 pm.

Johnsons Hillock Locks

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