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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Macclesfield Re-opens Early

You will see reports that some stoppages elsewhere are being extended as new problems come to light. However, there is good news for boaters based on the Macclesfield Canal, as the stoppage just south of Macclesfield has been lifted a week early, as work has been completed ahead of time.

The work was not scheduled to be finished until 13th March but the early completion means that the canal is already open.

The massive slab of retaining wall collapsed onto the towpath a year ago but the navigation remained open until work began in the winter.

2008 Macclesfield wall collapse, photo: Debby Francis
In January a crane was brought in and positioned on the opposite side of the canal in order to lift out 6 vehicles that had been trapped after their access road had collapsed with the wall.

Reclaimed stone and lime mortar was used for re-building the wall, in order to match the original structure as far as possible.

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