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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Work To Begin On Cooper Bridge Weir

British Waterways and their contractors have started work this week on the repair of Cooper Bridge Weir on the Calder and Hebble Navigation.

The photo, from Mike Fretwell, shows how large stones have been dropped into the space between the weir and a line of sheet piles to create an access route for vehicles to reach the location of the collapsed section of weir.

Cooper Bridge Weir. Photo: Mike Fretwell

It can be seen in the photos shown in January and February that the sheet piling was already in place next to the weir at the time of the collapse. This suggests that a repair to an earlier partial failure of the weir was planned.

BW have said that the repair will be a short term solution to get the navigation re-opened and that a permanent solution which will be carried out as part of the stoppage programme in 2011.

The very low level of water above the weir not only makes the Calder and Hebble unnavigable but also prevents access to or from the Huddersfield Broad Canal, which branches off immediately abov ethe weir.

British Waterways hopes that the work can be completed by 29th March. However, because of large volume of water required to refill empty river section, a review will be undertaken Monday 30th March to determine when safe passage will be possible.

BW will issue a further update on 30th March.

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