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Monday, 9 March 2009

Progress at Ledgard but Delays at Ganny

Stoppages abound on the Calder and Hebble Navigation at the moment, keeping many boats restricted to their moorings for now.

Ledgard Stop Lock at the western end of Mirfield Cut is having its gates replaced along with general repairs. The gates of Shepley Bridge Lock, at the other end of the cut, have had to be locked in order to retain the water and keep the boats moored along the cut afloat!

Mike Fretwell, Mooring Officer of the South Pennine Boat Club, based at Mirfield, took the photo shown below today.

The new gates are due to be fitted tomorrow. If everything goes according to plan, the navigation is scheduled to reopen at the end of the week (13th March).

Ledgard Stop Lock. Photo: Mike Fretwell

Meanwhile, boaters around Brighouse who were hoping to start travelling at the weekend are in for a disappointment - the stoppage at Ganny Lock (just up from Brighouse on the Calder and Hebble) has been extended for another week.

While carrying out the long-needed lock gate replacement at Ganny Lock, BW staff have discovered unforseen problems which make it essential that major repairs are carried out to the lock floor and alterations made to the lock gates before fitting can be completed.

The lock is now scheduled to re-open on March 20th 2009.

Meanwhile, as announced previously, work is due to start on the repairs of the flood-damaged Cooper Bridge Weir tomorrow (10th March).

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