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Wednesday 6 April 2011

Improved Facilities at Hebden Bridge

British Waterways was pleased to announce that improvements have been made to the popular boaters' facilities at Hebden Bridge on the Rochdale Canal.

The landing stage at the facilities appeared to be sloping and sinking, with some of the boards rotting. It has now been replaced using sturdy oak posts for a longer life and an anti-tread surface has been put down to avoid slipping. The muddy border strip has been surfaced with chippings and a low fence put in place to prevent car drivers attempting to drive onto the landing.

BW's Stephen Ballard said: "The improvements have made a real difference. It is much safer and the changes have enhanced the appearance of the canal. The work should help boaters enjoy their time along the canal in a safe and relaxing way."

Before and after photos of the landing stage at Hebden Bridge facility boaters' facilities

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  1. That's good. It would be better if they could improve the mooring on the towpath side, so many edging stones have fallen in the water it's really difficult to get near the bank.


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