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Monday 25 April 2011

Low Pounds on Western Huddersfield

Boaters planning to use the western side of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal should be aware that they face delays due to low pounds in two areas.

It seems that two paddles at Lock 3w in Ashton had been left up overnight, draining the long pound back to Lock 4w at Stalybridge. British Waterways expect the pound to take a couple of days to re-fill, as the feed to the pound is limited. It is not known whether the paddles were left up by careless boaters or by vandals.

The pounds between Lock 10w and 13w in Mossley have also been drained but there is no information about the cause of this. These are fairly long pounds so could take a while to re-fill.

Boaters heading eastwards should wait at Portland Basin in Ashton until the levels rise, while boaters travelling westwards should wait at Roaches Lock (15w). Boaters moored in Stalybridge should wait where they are for now.

For the latest information about these stoppages contact British Waterways on 01782 785703.

Update 26th April 5.00 pm:
The pound between Locks 3w and 4w is recovering well. It is 4 to 6 inches down but should be passable with care. The pounds below Mossley have started to recover but are around a foot down, so may not be passable yet, although they should be by tomorrow. (These are personal observations. As yet no information about these problems has been published by BW.)

Update 27th April 5.00 pm:
The canal is now navigable between Ashton and Stalybridge. Boats that were waiting at Mossley have now come down through Stalybridge. To help fill the long pound between Locks 3w and 4w, water has been let down from above Lock 7w, and that pound was low this afternoon. However, that is expected to recover shortly. Phone BW for latest information.

Update from BW 28th April 11.30 am:
Water levels are still low between Locks 8w and 15w. Water is being run down from further upstream and full navigation is expected to be restored later today.

BW is asking boaters at this time avoid taking matters into their own hands in dealing with low water, as this will undermine their efforts to restore the wider canal to normality. If you are in this area and find yourselves stuck, please contact British Waterways Red Bull office 01782 785703 or Free Phone Canals 0800 47 999 47.

BW once again reminds boaters of the need to ensure that all paddles are fully closed after use.

Update from BW 28th April 3.00 pm:
Water is still low between Lock 10w and 12w so may not be passable. The problems have nearly been sorted so the section should be back to normal over the weekend.

Lock 3w, Huddersfield Narrow Canal

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