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Monday 18 April 2011

Water Loss Means More Delays on Huddersfield Narrow

Much of the east side of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal is suffering from a shortage of water after someone mis-used water control paddles at Lock 32e, Pigtail Lower Lock, adjacent to Sparth Reservoir.

BW says that following the mis-use of the water control paddles at Lock 32E overnight on Sunday 17th April, much of the East side of the Huddersfield Narrow Canal has become dewatered and impassable.

BW ground staff are working hard to recover the situation, however, it is likely that there will be delays for the rest of week as consequence.

The east side of the canal is currently closed, but BW hopes that it will can be reopened tomorrow morning, Tuesday 19th April.

However, this incident has made BW wary of boaters attempting to solve water problems unaided. They ask any boaters finding themselves stuck after the re-opening to contact BW rather than trying to resolve the situation themselves.

Update 19th April:
BW reports that the areas of the canal affected by this incident are now recovering well with most areas now being navigable. Water levels in several areas are still low but it is hoped that the whole east side of the canal will be navigable by some time tomorrow (Wednesday 20th April).

Unfortunately BW reports yet another misuse of paddles in which gate paddles were locked open for a period of hours during the day today causing further water loss and setting back the recovery.

Paddle warning: Boaters should make a point of checking that they have fully closed paddles after use. When using paddles they should also check that paddles at the other end of the lock are closed. In particular it is easy not to notice if hydraulic paddles are left open as this is less obvious than with conventional ratchet paddle gear.

Pigtail Lower Lock (32e) Huddersfield Narrow Canal

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