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Wednesday 9 October 2019

Escape Day planned for Macclesfield Boaters (updated)

Boaters trapped by an emergency stoppage on the Macclesfield Canal will be given an opportunity to get through the stoppage on Wednesday 16th October between 11.00 am and 1.30 pm.

Passage through the site will be strictly controlled. To ensure a passage through the affected area, boaters should call CRT's North-West Customer Support team on 03030 404040.

There have been recurring problems of leakage from the canal embankment in the area around Clarence Mill and Bollington Aqueduct.

Stop planks have been inserted at Bridge 26 (Sugar Lane ) and Bridge 27 (Kerridge). These have enabled engineers to assess the severity of the current leak. As a result of their observations, the stop planks will remain in place and the leak repair programme planned for the Winter will be brought forward.

However, because a lot of boaters heading back to their home bases have been 'caught out' by the unexpected stoppage, the Canal and River Trust is to allow an escape window of 2.5 hours on 16th October.

This will be the only passage through the area until the embankment repair works are completed in March 2020. The alternative route is via the Trent and Mersey Canal, Bridgewater Canal, Rochdale Nine, Ashton Canal and Lower Peak Forest Canal.

The repairs will include a canal bed relining scheme on a 80m section of the canal between Bridges 26 and 27 along with re-building 66m of wash wall near Clarence Mill. The navigation will be dewatered. Work is expected to be completed by 13th March 2020.

Update, 14th Oct:
The Canal and River Trust has announced that, due to an overwhelming demand and limited time available to ensure safe passage, no further requests can be accepted for passage through Bollington on 16th October.

Bollington Aqueduct on the Macclesfield Canal

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