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Wednesday 9 October 2019

Rochdale Nine Closure - Work now complete

The 'Rochdale Nine' lock flight on the Rochdale Canal through Manchester is currently closed awaiting repairs to Lock 86 at Canal Street.

This follows a gate failure on 25th September. As the lock is a Grade II Listed Structure it has been necessary to obtain permission to carry out work on it. CRT's Heritage team has been advising on methods of repair.

The local authority has now allowed CRT to proceed with these emergency works whilst the Listed Building application is being processed. The CRT team will make preparations by installing pumps and a fabric dam this week. Once approval has been given for work safely to take place behind the dam, CRT will issue an update on how soon the canal is likely to be re-opened.

Update, Tue 22nd Oct:
The repairs to Lock 86 are complete. The pounds are being refilled and the Rochdale Nine is expected to re-open to navigation this afternoon.
Lock 86 of the Rochdale Canal in Manchester

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  1. Its the other pair of gates, which have failed, the tops of the mitres are passing each other, similar to how lock 66 had got, which failed spectacularly earlier this year.


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