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Friday 18 October 2019

Leeds and Liverpool Canal closed near Adlington

A culvert failure has closed the Leeds and Liverpool Canal between Adlington and Red Rock (between Chorley and Wigan).

Culvert 126, near Arley Bridge, was due to be re-lined in January as part of this winter's programme of repairs. However, its failure now has meant a premature closure of the canal at this point.

CRT engineers are visiting the site to assess the situation and an update will be issued on Monday 21st October.

Update, 21st October:
The canal has been drained and the towpath and canal will remain closed whilst investigations surrounding the culvert failure are ongoing. Further update shortly.
Update, 22nd October:
The stoppage planned for January 2020 to re-line the canal bed over the line of the culvert has been brought forward to start now. The canal will remain closed here until 15th November

Leeds and Liverpool Canal close to the affected culvert

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