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Monday 5 August 2013

Leeds and Liverpool starts running out of water

Part of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal has been temporarily shut as water levels have started to run low.

The locks at Gargrave, from Holme Bridge Lock to Stegneck Lock, have been closed to prevent use after water levels became too low. The Canal and River Trust are feeding water into this section of canal and will issue an update tomorrow (Tuesday).

The lock flights at Bank Newton, Greenberfield and Barrowford are currently being closed overnight between 8.00 pm and 10.00 am to help conserve water. A sixty mile stretch of the canal between Gargrave and Wigan was closed in 2010 after reservoirs started running dry and the Canal and River Trust are anxious to prevent a repetition of this.

Update Tuesday 6th August:
The water levels through the Gargrave locks have now been replenished and the area has re-opened to navigation.

Anchor Lock, Gargrave

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  1. Have just been to Foulridge, and noted that both the top and bottom reservoirs look pretty full and the run off which crosses a minor road as a ford was too deep to traverse in our little car (nearly 2ft deep)


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