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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Liverpool Canal Link - What Boaters Need to Know

Details are emerging of the arrangements that British Waterways is making for boats visiting Liverpool by way of the new canal link which opens shortly.

A description of the way these arrangements will operate can be found here on the Pennine Waterways web site.

Anyone hoping to take a boat to Liverpool should phone BW in Wigan as there are already 150 boats on the waiting list!

An announcement is expected in a few days about the date when boaters will be allowed to start using the new canal route. BW wants to ensure that facilities such as water points are available before boats arrive at the new pontoons in Salthouse Dock.

1 comment:

  1. Well, there's one sure way to beat the queue and that's meet it head on.

    At least going in from Eastham direction, there's going to be no problem arriving early... I'm tempted to, as it might even get an early bit of local press the day or two before "Boaters waiting for the canal link to open give up and come in the other way!"


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